“And can you loan me Bentley?”  Tattletale asked.

“I’m starting to wonder why I’m on this team,” Bitch grumbled.

You provide them with mounts! And go around splashing people! Isn’t that fun! 😀

“You have to ask?” Tattletale grinned as she approached Bentley.

“I know it’s just words,” I told Bitch, “But I’m glad you’re back.”

Y’know, I’ve been hard on Rachel for a long time in the context of her relationship with Taylor, but recently? I’ve finally started seeing actual hints of friendship coming from her. Occasionally. Outside the miasma’s effect, she’s nowhere near as hostile towards Taylor as she used to be, after the events of 13.5.

Apart from the punch, but honestly, Taylor had that coming in the moment. :p

She stared at me like I was speaking Klingon.

Qu’vetlh mu’ ‘ach jIQuch wItI’nISmo’ ‘e’ vISov.

Klingon spelling looks weird as fuck.

“Let’s go,” Tattletale said, as she climbed onto Bentley.  He growled, but she didn’t seem to mind.  Maybe his bark was worse than his bite and she knew it?

He’s a hellhound. Pretty sure his bite could crush a steel plate if he wanted to.

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