And he calls me the dork?


I ignored them up until we met up with Tattletale.

“No Grue?” she asked.

He was so broad-shouldered today, there was no gruem for him on the street.

“He’s tired,” Imp said, shrugging free of Regent’s arm, which had stayed in place since they began their play-acting.  “Not sleeping these days.”

I suppose he’s not having a great time after his, um, encounter with Bonesaw.

“We should address that soon,” Tattletale said.  “We’ve seen how mistakes happen when some of us get too fatigued.  With the way things are stacked against us, we could wind up with another few days of concentrated activity, and running on empty from the start could spell bad things.”

The saying in Norway is that without food and drink, the hero doesn’t function, but that absolutely applies to villains too.

She glanced at me.  Fine, I’d own up to it.  I’d fallen into that trap.  I nodded an agreement.


I for one know nothing about fucked up sleep schedules and certainly don’t have an entire gaggle of people over on Discord telling me to sleep at any given time of day, no sirree.

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