“I’m good,” Imp said.  Regent chuckled a little.

Tattletale said, “I’ve been trying to figure out what’s been happening with the Chosen and Purity’s group.  The white supremacists keep losing leaders.  Kaiser got offed by Leviathan, now we’ve got a brainwashed Hookwolf running off with the Nine.

FUCK. I literally thought of that exact thing earlier tonight. Why the hell didn’t I mention it?

I even specifically thought about how they both got taken out of the immediate story by the major, massive-killcount threats.

The natural thing for the group to do would be to fall in under Purity, but there’s some snags.”

Was there another reason why E88 split into E44s, besides differing opinions on who had the right to become the new leader?

“Some Chosen thinking they want to be leaders?” I asked.

This sentence suddenly reminded me that the Forsaken, a group of 13 major antagonists from the Wheel of Time series, call themselves the Chosen. They’re Chosen by the Dark One, and Forsaken by the Light.

I’d be a lot more concerned about the Undersiders going up against that lot than against the confused remainder of Hookwolf’s gang.

Anyway, do the Chosen – the ones in Worm – even know what happened to Hookwolf?

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