A snub, an insult.

To me it honestly just seems kinda pathetic.

Shatterbird descended from some distant point high above us, landing in the middle of the College, Regent’s territory.

Oh hey, a new location name. Nice. It’s not a new location, but at least it’s got a name now besides “Regent’s territory”.

Are we going to learn some history of the area too?

It was the middle ground between Downtown and the Docks, and the buildings were a mix of quaint housing and stone buildings.  Or they had been.  Most were ruins now.

I suppose Leviathan tore through here, given his path from the Docks to Lake Heroic in central downtown.

Dust and sand stirred around us.  It coiled around Shatterbird, then streamed against the offending pieces of artwork.

Ooh! Looks like Taylor isn’t the only one using powers creatively. Regent is using Shatterbird’s control over sand to wipe off the artwork as with sandpaper.

Housepaint and whitewash peeled and disappeared, flecks of spray paint were gradually worn away, and concrete was chipped.

Don’t underestimate a good sandstorm.

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