Amy had crossed my mind as I’d reflected on the various encounters with the Nine, and I’d thought about going to look for her.  Having her in the group would be invaluable, no question.

Not to mention awesome.

Even touching base with her could leave us options if someone got hurt or if we needed resources.  That said, the major issue was that I couldn’t be sure she’d actually join or even listen, and we were trying to operate with certainties.  I couldn’t afford to go when it meant potentially wasted time.

Yeeah, that’s fair. She’s been doing some… unpredictable things, lately.

Better to be in my territory, for morale, for organization, and to keep working on the costume bits.  It also let me eat, sleep and take care of Atlas – stuff I tended to forget about.

Hey, eating and sleeping, fine, but don’t forget to take care of Atlas.

Thinking about Atlas reminded me of one thought I’d had during our downtime.  “It’d be fantastic if we could get a tinker in the group,” I said.  “Between Bakuda, Armsmaster, Mannequin and Bonesaw, I’m sort of starting to appreciate what they bring to the table.”

Oooh, yes, that would be good. Tinkers are pretty awesome.

This is a bit of a turn-around… I can’t find it, but didn’t Taylor recently say she was getting really sick of tinkers? But it makes sense that she’d start thinking about what they could do if they were on her side.

Now, acquiring a tinker would be the tricky part. I think Armsmaster is likely to eventually seek out the Undersiders if he’s still alive (I hope he’s still alive. Otherwise, what was the point of keeping him in the story?), but the reason for that is that he probably holds a grudge against them. And, dick or not, he’s interested in being a hero, not a villain. The same things applied to Amy, but converting her failed, and doing the same for Armsmaster sounds much more difficult. And less appealing.

What other tinkers do we know? There’s Kid Win, but I don’t think he’ll be leaving the Wards anytime soon.

Chariot? He’s in the Wards on the orders of a third party that is probably Cauldron, and so is more likely to be convertable. And hey, Piggot already thinks Chariot is affiliated with Coil, causing him to not be trusted in his current team. He might work, though I’m not sold enough on his personality to really want it like I did with Amy.

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