I started tying him up in silk, drawing the lines out with my spiders and carrying them with flying insects. 

Ah, right, a tried and true approach to invincible enemies.

He didn’t make it halfway to us before stumbling.  A minute later he was caught.  I began layering it on him, thicker.

Nice work.

Let’s hope he hasn’t stolen some talent from a Houdini-esque stage magician.

…I wonder if there are rogues using their parahuman powers for stage magic. I mean, we’ve had one who used hers for a singing career, so why not?

“Victor down.  Othala’s somewhere, only big problems are Night and Fog.”

Last time they went up against Night and Fog, Angelica wasn’t in a particularly great state afterwards.

Which reminds me, why isn’t Rachel here?

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