In less than a minute, the area was clean.  Not only was it free of the spray paint, but walls were left looking cleaner and newer than they had in years, maybe decades.

Maybe a little too new, even?

“Nifty,” Imp commented.

“Why spend a few hundred bucks on a sandblaster when you have a Shatterbird?  Who’s a good little power tool?”  Regent gave Shatterbird a pat on the cheek.  “You are.  Yes you are.”

I know he’s joking around. And she’s far less innocent than Dinah.

That’s the main reason I’m a little more okay with this than Coil’s completely serious “pet” thing.

“Stop that,” I said.


“That’s uncalled for.”

Taylor is roughly on the same page as me, it seems.

Also, maybe try not to anger Shatterbird too much, Alec? You’ve indicated that her anger combined with her willpower was part of why it wasn’t easy to keep hold of her. Granted, some of that might’ve faded to hopelessness now, but still. We don’t want her breaking loose.

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