“Okay.  How confident you feeling?”  Tattletale glanced at me.

“I could try my hand at dealing with Night.  Not sure about Fog.”


What is Alec supposed to do about Fog? He seems like he should be immune to both what Shatters can do and what Regent himself can do, in his fog state.

“That’s cool.”

“Going to see if I can bait them,” I responded.  “You guys get back some.”

“Play safe.”

I suppose it might’ve been more “is it okay if she goes in there”?

Our last run-in with Night and Fog had been ugly.  That had been months ago, and we’d basically lost.  I wasn’t content to simply lose, though.  I’d replayed the scene over and over in my head since it had happened, doubly so since I’d found out Coil’s power.

Oh yeah, since she was told they had lost in the other reality. Or at least had an even more pyrrhic victory.

If he could create alternate timelines and choose the results, and if he’d used his power to save us, what had happened in that other timeline?  Had we died?

I don’t think so, because I was informed that the other timeline was the original version of the chapter before it got replaced. “Still canon in a lot of ways.”

As such, what happened in it needs to be something that could happen at that point in the story and then allow the story to continue. Wildbow may have decided to replace it because he was writing himself into a corner or because it went too dark (I suspect Brian might not have made it out), but I don’t think he would’ve uploaded it in the first place if it completely, obviously broke the story progression.

Point is, that would be a really weird point to kill off the main protagonists as a whole, even if that’s a thing Wildbow might be willing to do at some point. So Brian might’ve died, but I highly doubt they all did.

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