“Rags?  If you don’t want them, I can use the material.”

He laughed.

“I don’t think I’m anything like a tinker, though.  I just realize my power’s not that strong, so I wrack my brain to think of ways to expand it.

The tinkeriness isn’t part of her power. I think. It’s just what she’s like.

I make the most of the possibilities available to me, while a tinker creates possibilities.”

Yeah, that’s a good way of putting it. Although maybe a tinker more sees possibilities and how to make them come true?

“I’m getting what you’re saying,” Tattletale smiled.  “You liked having Panacea around as a pseudo-tinker, huh?  The way it expanded your options?”

I’m not sure Amy would appreciate being called a pseudo-tinker. It hits too close to home with Bonesaw claiming they were alike. It’s true, though, in a sense.

I shrugged, “Goes without saying, doesn’t it?”

“But you especially, given how you think.  It’s a shame that there’s not really any tinkers around that aren’t already committed.  Unless you want to make a point out of recruiting Leet?”


Wait. Isn’t he also already committed? Or did Über go off and die or something while I wasn’t paying attention?

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