Regent rolled his eyes.

“The alternative is killing her,” he said.  “But that seems awfully wasteful when she’s giving us some much-needed firepower and deterrence.”

Yeah, she’s way too useful, and while I probably should feel kinda bad for her, she’s completely unsympathetic from what we’ve seen. I can’t really muster up that emotion for her.

“I’m not saying torture her, and I’m not saying kill her.  I’m just asking you to treat her with respect.”

Shatterbird spoke, startling me.  “Hi!  I’ve killed hundreds of people and maimed thousands.”

Yeah, no, I’m actually with Regent here. She falls into the same category as Anders Behring Breivik: people who have willingly signed away their right to any sort of respect through their actions and attitudes.

“I get your point, Regent.  Stop that.”

Shatterbird smiled wide, the expression so fake and cheery it was disturbing to see.  I tried to ignore her as she continued staring at me.

Shatterbird, internally: “Damn it, I don’t want to smile!”

You know, with how Regent’s power works with regards to muscle memory and such, I could see this smile being genuinely trickier than most facial expressions on Shatters. She didn’t seem the smiley type.

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