“Rune, Night and Fog so far,” I said.

“That’s two different groups.  Rune could be looking to join the Pure,” Tattletale spoke.

So… I was wrong about Rune being in the Pure, but through getting that wrong, I accidentally predicted the Pure being here before that became clear to those who actually kept their E44 members straight?

…screw it, I’m counting that as a success.

“Purity’s not here or she would have responded already.  You’re not sensing anything that could be Crusader?  Your bugs wouldn’t be able to pass through his astral clones.”

Good to know. That means he can use his clones against the bugs.

“No Crusader.”

I sensed someone my bugs were unable to hurt.  He ran forward through the swarm, the hail of glass and Fog’s cloud.  “Incoming.  Not Night.”

Stormtiger? Except I suppose Taylor would be able to tell his particular brand of immunity to the bugs apart.

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