I caught up a few seconds later, stopping Atlas so we circled directly above her.

She glanced around, looked up at me, then bolted for a restaurant with a tattered canopy over what had been an outdoor patio.

It didn’t sound like Taylor was the one observing Night, but Night appears to think she was. If I’m right, this suggests that whoever did observe her is somewhat hidden.

She disappeared from my sight for an instant, but she didn’t change.

Yep. Someone else is looking, and their position isn’t obvious to Night. Or even Taylor, by the looks of it.

Could there be someone who’s hidden by a power, or is it just a civilian peeping from a window or something like that?

The smoke canisters came out, but my bugs had lagged behind.  Anticipating another rush for my teammates, I piloted Atlas to a position between Night and the others.

Smart. Might as well get the head start if you can.

The smoke spilled out around her, but again, she didn’t change.

Alright. Honestly, I half expected this, even.

So whoever is watching can see through the smoke in some way. It’s not even that they can sense through the smoke – Taylor can do that – they can see through it.

Or maybe they don’t need to. Maybe this person can turn into a small creature of some variety and is actually on Night.

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