“Tax?”  Othala asked.

“Tax.  Imp and I are going to step into the basement of that building over there,” Tattletale pointed, “And relieve you of every valuable we can carry.”

How can you be sure there are val– oh, right.

“You assholes!” Rune growled.  She started to stand, then fell to the ground, hard.  Imp had pushed her.  I tried to hide my own surprise at the girl’s sudden appearance.


The others looked somewhat intimidated as well.

“But that’s not enough, is it?  So there’s another tax.  We’re borrowing one of your teammates.”

Oooh, now this is the kind of interesting shit I was looking forward to.

So would this teammate be getting controlled by Regent, or are they expecting whichever one it’d be (Night, perhaps? Or… who would be most helpful against Coil?) to cooperate willingly?

The Chosen weren’t the only ones who looked shocked at the declaration.  I snapped my head around to look at Regent.  There was no surprise there.

I suppose Lisa might’ve planned this with him ahead of time. That, or he’s just too used to this kind of thing.

Fuck them.  They’d planned this, and they hadn’t told me.

Uh oh. Let’s keep the internal tension low, please.

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