Funny how you once feared that Worm was your typical high school drama and now one of the main characters puppeteers someone from the most famous group of mass murderers in America and it’s treated like a background detail. The escalation is real

I know, right? Once upon a time, Taylor’s biggest problems (besides the Harpies) were the risk of Lisa finding out what her true intentions were (and that turned out moot), and the risk of getting arrested for small fry crimes.

But yeah, I was so clueless back at the very start. I mean, seriously, I was so blind that I didn’t even know it was about superpowers until Taylor demonstrated hers! I thought Mr Gladly was talking about the seaside land formation when he asked about capes, theorized about “Gestation” and “Worm” referring to some parasitic alien brewing in Taylor, and about the Triumvirate being the leaders of a dystopian society, wildly trying to figure out how this high school drama “shifts from the hellish landscape of high school to the more uplifting bombed-out city fairly quickly”…

Despite my regrets regarding the negativity I showed towards Gestation 1.1, that was still a good time.

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