When you’ll finish Worm, will you read its continuation: Worm 2? Because Wildbow is currently writing Worm 2, you know.

I do plan to liveblog Ward (I failed to avoid learning its name, though I tried), yes, assuming I’m still up for it when/if I finish Worm. The latest ETA I’ve been given for that is June 2021, and a lot can happen in that time.

Currently, there are several things I’d like to read between Worm and Ward, too. Such as Guts & Glory (and other such drafts that are available) and maybe a shorter, perhaps unrelated project, as a break from the Wormverse before returning to Ward.

I’m actually kind of glad Wildbow has such a head start on me when it comes to Ward, by the way. I’d prefer not to catch up with an ongoing work, and at our respective rates, Ward may very well be finished by the time I finish reading Worm.

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