“Anything we do to you or Rune, you’ll always know in the back of your mind that Othala could heal it,” Tattletale said.  “But anything we do to her…”

Ohh. That’s a good point.

And that’s why we just had Taylor narrating about that restriction on Othala’s power.

…speaking of restrictions, there seem to be some limits on what powers Othala can give people. For instance, she can give people regeneration, but not the ability to heal others. Maybe it’s that she can only bestow powers that target the wielder?

Imp took that as a cue, kicking Othala in the gut.


“Your issue is with me!”

Tattletale was as calm as he was angry.  “You’re surprisingly upset.  You’d think you’d be used to seeing your teammate taking some lumps in the course of your supervillain careers.  You two are involved, aren’t you?  Makes sense, given how closely you’ve worked together.”

Yeah, it’s not surprising.

“You don’t know the littlest thing about where we come from,” Victor snarled.

And you don’t know who you’re talking to.

Still, this implies we’re going to eventually learn some interesting backstory. I’m down with that.

“I’m figuring it out.  Give me a second.  Judging by what you’re saying, there’s a loss in there somewhere.  Group like yours, bound to be pretty insular.  Making friends with similar beliefs, dating people with similar beliefs.

Friends with benefits, you say?

Wait, no. She didn’t say that. I misread “beliefs”. Fuck, now my joke doesn’t work at all.

Did your daddy give you some strong encouragement to date this little lady?”



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