But I couldn’t shake the other possibility.  They could have left me in the dark because they knew I’d object.  And now that I was filled in on this plan, I couldn’t object without making the group look weak.  Tattletale would know that.

Yeah… Lisa’s a friend, but she can also be quite manipulative.

She would know I wouldn’t screw us over, even with my objections, and this next part of the plan would go ahead whether or not I agreed or not.

Biting my tongue, I walked around until I stood at the very back of the scene, where I could see Night as well as everyone else that was present.

Nice, that’s a good wide angle perspective for us to be able to see everyone’s reactions.

“Victor,” Tattletale said.  “You’re the tax payment, so to speak.  Your call.”

Oh! So I was accidentally right about Othala being the person who was about to speak, but wrong about her being the chosen Chosen. Fair enough.

And I suppose “the easy way or the hard way” was more about the classic “come with us voluntarily or we’ll take you by force” than the more Regent-specific variant of that.

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