Even bound by the spider silk, he managed to carry the demeanor of a prince from one of the monarchies of old, transported to the modern era.

So far this guy sounds like a mixture of Prince Blueblood from MLP and Chloé from ML (not P). So now I’m imagining Prince Blueblood with Chloé’s hair and… hang on.

It’s not even a big change. Well, saves me that editing job.

He had the look, too: a cleft chin, close-cropped hair that had been bleached to a platinum blond and a stare that managed to look simultaneously condescending and angry.  He would be angry, obviously, but I’d seen him in situations where he wasn’t trussed up and lying on the ground, and he’d looked the same then.

Fuck, Victor even looks the part!

His costume reinforced the image of someone between eras, with a simple black-painted breastplate with a sharp stylized ‘v’ around the neck, a blood-red shirt and black slacks.

I like how he, as a member of Hookwolf’s gang, also has the “between eras” thing going on. Hookwolf the warlord, Victor the prince.

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