I felt my heart skip a beat at the ‘heeb’.  She knew my last name?

No.  Heeb was short for Hebrew, not Hebert.

Ah, makes sense.

Yeah, I didn’t really think it was because of her last name, but the thought did occur to me. :p

…also, I might have been internally mispronouncing Hebert. I’m not entirely sure now, but I think I’ve been thinking “HAY-bert”. Or maybe “HEH-bert”. Possibly both.

I’m not Jewish, I thought.  How had she come to that conclusion?  I could believe someone would make an assumption like that if they’d seen my skin tone and hair, but my costume covered my skin.

It’s because you’re opposing her.

I’d spent some time wearing a mask that did show some skin, after Bonesaw had cut up my good mask, but Othala hadn’t been there for any of those incidents.

Oh right, that’s what happened to her mask!

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