“Right,” Othala’s voice was quiet.  She’d pulled herself up onto her hands and knees.  She glared up at Imp, then looked down.

She doesn’t sound too enthusiastic, but to be fair, she’s recently been mass shanked and then kicked in the face and the gut in relatively quick succession. She’s probably not feeling too good right now.

Tattletale stepped forward, “Or because your names and faces are known to the public, and instead of being part of your group by choice, you’re part of the group because nobody else will have you?”

Oh yeah, that’s still a thing. It hasn’t been relevant since Buzz, and even then it was largely just a motivating factor, so I didn’t really think much of it.

Anyway, it’d be kinda cool if Lisa managed to manipulate them so that even though they’re officially only taking Victor as the tax, Othala came along and helped too.

Victor laughed a little.  “Somehow I expected better from you, Tattletale.  This is pretty feeble.  Attacking our relationship?  We’re strong enough, and no matter what you try to pull, you won’t change the fact that we have what it takes.”

“Sure.  But I don’t have to.  Your relationship is doomed.  You don’t have that same lovesick, infatuated feeling for Othala that you had for her cousin.  The chance for that moment has passed.  And it’ll eat away at you.  You’ll crave that kind of feeling, and feel like you missed out on something by throwing yourself into a relationship out of duty rather than love.

Yeeah, duty relationships aren’t great, most of the time.

You’ll cheat because you’re searching for that and because it’s easy for you to get women.  You’re good-looking, and you have access to all the little tricks, how to approach them, how to win them over.

You just know he’s stolen some sex skills at some point, too.

And Othala over there, she’s still head over heels for you.  It’ll kill her when you betray her.”

And by saying all this in front of her, she’s planted the seed of doubt in Othala too, one that would last for decades if she buried it deep enough. “Is he cheating on me yet?”

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