She couldn’t heal herself, of course.  She granted powers to others.

To heal herself, she’d have to go through Grue.

There would be no other reason for her to be kneeling in the water, bleeding from a hundred papercut-thin lacerations.

Rune, for her part, wasn’t much older than Imp.  Her long blond hair streamed out of a pointed hood, and runes lined the edges of a long, dark blue cloak.

The cloak reminds me of one of my D&D characters, and the Wheel of Time character she’s based on.

Neither is a Nazi.

…though I could actually see both of them being fairly easily converted if sufficiently convinced that Jews and other people the Nazis didn’t like were a threat to the safety of the world.

(They wouldn’t be the type to follow blindly. They’re very much the type that takes charge and expects to be obeyed.)

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