Tattletale hadn’t told me.  I could understand if Regent didn’t inform me that they were hoping to enslave someone else, but I counted Tattletale among my few real friends.

Ah, yeah, here’s that thing about Taylor being less okay with doing this to a Nazi than to Sophia.

The issue of information flow is still at the forefront, but this does carry the implication that she doesn’t like the enslavement too.

I had something of a sore spot when it came to being betrayed by friends.


…and yet, it took her four Arcs to decide not to betray the Undersiders.

They’d planned to do this at some point today, and I hadn’t been filled in.  Was that accidental?  We’d exchanged so many calls, I could almost believe that I’d been forgotten, or that everyone had assumed someone else would be the one to fill me in.

I appreciate that Taylor takes the time to consider this genuine possibility.

It’s entirely possible, but if that is what happened rather than the two of them deciding that asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission (when it comes to Taylor, they may have been wrong about that), then Taylor’s likely to draw the wrong conclusion or at least continue to agonize over it.

Except I really don’t think that’s what’s going on. Everyone looked shocked, apparently including Aisha. Taylor isn’t alone in not being informed here.

Well, unless she had forgotten about Aisha right then. I started making that point before remembering that Brian and Rachel weren’t there at the time.

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