The color scheme extended to Othala, who wore something decidedly more traditional as superhero costumes went.  Her bodysuit was skintight and tomato red, with a single icon in the center. Like the swastika, it featured a circle with a black border and white center, and a rune in black.  It wasn’t a swastika, though, but a diamond with two legs extending from the bottom point, each turning up at the bottom.

*looks up the futhark on Wikipedia*

That would be the rune for O:

Which is called Odal or Othala. Nice use of the symbol she’s named after in her costume.

That’s the only part of this costume I like so far, though. The tomato red fits her allegiance but it’s such a jarring color.

She’d taken to wearing an eyepatch with the same icon on it in white.  Her hair covered enough of that side of her face that it wasn’t obvious.

Okay, I can’t argue with an eyepatch. Eyepatches are just cool, especially when there are neat symbols on them. She’s hiding it, though, which is a shame.

(Why yes, I am actively ignoring the fact that the only cool parts of her costume involve her appropriating my people’s history as a Nazi symbol.)

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