Victor looked away, his lips twisting into an expression I couldn’t interpret.  He shook his head.

“Not quite, huh?  It wasn’t your dad.  You were on your own, a lost soul recruited by a big, proud family.  Proved yourself, and you were told you’d earn a proper place in Kaiser’s Empire if you married in, so to speak.

…I see. So does that mean Othala held an important position, then? Hell, maybe even a blood relation? Is she Theo’s sister?

Not an arranged marriage in the strictest sense, but the idea was that you’d date one of the lieutenant’s girls and marry eventually.  Except it wasn’t her you were supposed to date.  Her sister?”

Alright, so not a blood relation to Kaiser, I think, but to one of his higher-ups.

Lieutenant is the position Purity got when she came back, right? (I’m not saying Othala is Purity’s (elder) daughter – she’s definitely not – I’m just making sure I’ve got the right idea of where lieutenants were on the rank ladder.)

“Cousin,” Victor spat the word, “I’m getting tired of hearing you fumble your way to answers.  It was her cousin.”

Sure, this’ll go a lot smoother if you help out, thanks.

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