Victor’s eyes narrowed.

Victor has an interesting power that I think would very much come in handy. There are a lot of non-power skills they might need to take down Coil, and guess what Victor has? Skills!

I like how his power, which is very similar to Über’s, was introduced in a chapter that also made fun of Leet.

Ooh – this also ties in with Taylor’s desire for a tinker. Victor isn’t a tinker, but he may very well have sucked one or two dry of the talents that come as side effects of their power.

To clarify with Taylor as an example: I don’t think Victor would be able to take Taylor’s sensing and control of bugs from her. That’s her power. But he might be able to take her talent for multitasking, which is in a gray area between power and regular ability. Though… it specified learned skills, didn’t it. Hmm.

In any case, tinkers are likely to have a lot of learned skills related to their field, and Victor has probably taken some of those. Also, a big part of why Taylor wanted a tinker was their versatility, and Victor sure has that.

Whether all of this means that this whole thing is a direct result of Taylor’s concerns regarding tinkers or not is up in the air (though that would raise the question of when Lisa and Alec talked this over, if Taylor is right that they did), but in any case it’s a very appropriate red thread.

And hey, you know what else this ties in with? Aisha’s unwillingness to work with the Nazis. That’s the clincher for the thing I was considering a couple posts back: I don’t think Aisha knew about this. She would almost certainly not be okay with it, unless she saw it as a punishment for Victor.

I kinda love how this situation ties into everything the group was chatting about on the way here even though it, on the surface, has nothing to do with most of it.

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