“Fear is good,” Tattletale said.

Until people get sick of hiding from you and try to get rid of you instead. You know, like you just did to the Nine.

“Paranoia isn’t.  If our enemies are backed into a corner, they might do something stupid.  You yourself said how Victor was willing to attack us if we cut him free, even if it put himself and his teammates in grave danger.  And he’s not dumb.”

“He’s not brilliant either,” Regent said.  “Just saying, but having a power that gives you brains doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart.”

…suddenly I’m reminded of Matrim Cauthon from The Wheel of Time.

Victor has probably drained a bunch of tactical skills and the like, which would presumbably be what Alec is talking about here. Mat, on his side, has a head filled with the memories of historical generals, remembering battles and such that he was never a part of. That gives him a knack for battle plans, evaluating the defensibility of structures, directing armies, and so on.

But I don’t think any of the 2782 named characters in the entire series would ever accuse Mat of being smart.

Tattletale gave him an annoyed look, then turned to me.  “I can understand your frustration.  You feel like we just set ourselves back on a city-wide scale for a relatively minor gain.”

I shrugged, “Pretty much.”

“Except our enemies are already banding together to attack us.  Having Regent as a target doesn’t change anything except taking the focus off of more important members of the team,” she said.

…fair enough.

Also, is the implication that Alec is a less important member of the team a revenge jab for the comment about brainsy powers and smartness? :p

(I did catch that it could also apply to Lisa, but forgot to mention it because of the Wheel of Time tangent.)

“I see what you did there.  A little quid pro quo,” Regent muttered.


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