Tattletale looked as well.  “But the main thing I was getting at is that we’re working towards something here.  We got Victor.  Bully for us.  But you’re probably wondering why.”

Plan exposition! Yes please.

It’ll be nice to have a little more to base my speculations on.

“Just a little.”

“Remember our attack on the PRT headquarters?  We walked away with data.  Data Coil and his best people couldn’t crack.”

Oh! So they want Victor to crack it?

I nodded.

“I think Victor could pull it off.”

“Okay.  Still not convinced.”

“Hear me out.  I told Coil that, and that got his attention.  I had something of an idea that Victor, Rune and Othala were looking to leave the Chosen, so I floated the idea to Coil that he could make them an offer.”

Ahh, all three of them were meeting with Night and Fog to discuss them joining the Pure, I see.

So do you actually intend for Coil to hire Victor?

Ooh, maybe you’re going to have Regent pretend to be an uncontrolled Victor, so you can get one of Regent’s bodies on the inside for some time? Except there’s no good reason why Coil would allow a new recruit more inside than he does Regent himself.

“I’m not so sure I’m a big fan of that idea.”

“I don’t think they’ll accept.  But if they do, I think it’ll work out for us anyways.  But I’m getting off topic.  The important thing isn’t recruiting them, but letting them know in a roundabout way that we’re involved with Coil and Coil’s involved with us.”

Ah, I see. And this helps how?

By causing other groups to start targeting Coil more?

I nodded.  Outing Coil and his relationship to our takeover, maybe possibly.  There were advantages to that.  It would divert attention from us and maybe distract him.

“Point three.  Just a theory, but what if Grue could borrow Victor’s power and get some permanent boosts?”

Hm, might work. Hell, what if you steal skills from Victor?

I do suspect that it’d be a lot slower to get permanent boosts for Grue than it is for Victor.

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