The moment the door was shut, I stabbed one finger in Tattletale’s direction, “What the fuck was that?”

Ah, here we go. Confrontation time.

“Woah,” Regent said, “Relax.”

“I’m not going to ‘relax’.  You two deliberately left me in the dark, there.  Or it was an exceedingly stupidoversight to forget to mention it, and I know Tattletale isn’t stupid.”

I like how she leaves Regent out of the last bit.

“It was only sort of deliberate.  Regent didn’t have any part in that.”

“Explain,” I told her.

“I didn’t realize you had such an issue with Regent using his power until you brought it up before.  I could have mentioned our secondary goal then, but I was worried that would start something.  Or that it would discombobulate you before we got into a thing with the Chosen.”

Ahh. That would still be a bit late, though.

“As opposed to finding it out right after.”

“I’m sorry.  Again, I really underestimated how much you’d care.”

I don’t think it’s that she really cares about here. Sure, she’s not exactly comfortable with Regent’s power, but that’s not what riles her up in this situation so much as the fact that she wasn’t told about this.

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