I got into Miraculous after you mentioned it here (love it!); I also saw the similarities between Triggers and Akuma and now want a crossover where Skitter and Ladybug meet. The clash between personalities and outlook on the world and superheroing would be funny to watch. I don’t know how she and Cat Noir would deal with being in a crapsack world and whether they could win in capes fights, but image the “Holy Shit!” moment if she could repair a whole city after an Endbringer attack. (Shaker 12?)

Sounds like a fun time!

I would be interested in Skitter and Chat Noir interactions. Perhaps moreso than Skitter and Ladybug, though yes, that would be great too. It’s largely because I’ve been comparing Skitter to Chat Noir since the beginning, due to their similar reason for going into the hero business – escapism.

These days, though, Skitter’s more like Ladybug, doing it all out of a sense of duty more than anything. She’s driven by her guilts and going back is hard.

But oh man, if Skitter learned of Ladybug and Chat’s identities… A baker’s daughter with fantastic parents and a whole school that loves her, and a rich kid supermodel? I don’t think Taylor would like that very much, at first.

The crapsack world comment reminded me of a Miraculous Ladybug fic (have you checked out Ladybug fics yet? ML is pretty good as a setting when you deviate from the formula of the show) called You Don’t Know Me, by Ferisae. It’s on the darker side of the spectrum, closer to Worm than to the show, and I think some of you guys might like it. The premise is that Ladybug is sent into a coma by an akumatized demolition man, and Chat Noir has to find ways to deal with the fact that she’s not around to a) help him in battle, b) repair the city, and worst of all, c) purify the akuma. Oh, and the angst of having a comatose friend, partner and love interest, of course.

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