He couldn’t even explain his own line of thinking to himself.  He didn’t always like her, but he was barely able to think straight when he thought about Aisha suffering anything close to what he’d been through.

That honestly makes a lot of sense to me.

I’m not sure he’d wish that on his worst enemies, let alone his closest family.

Aisha would be annoyed, even upset.  She was already feeling pressured, but he had his own pressures, his own concerns.  It would reach a critical point one way or the other, but for now he needed to check on her.

He does patronize her a bit, but it’s all well-intentioned.

He paused when he’d re-entered his own room and found himself facing his costume as it hung on the stand.  The eyes were surrounded by ridges of horns, the teeth curled and curved into one another.  A demon, a creature of nightmare.

Are you sure you wanted this change?

Although… maybe he wasn’t comfortable with the skull anymore after having had his actual skeleton exposed?

…I could give you a skull face like that helmet of yours, only real…

Oh. Yeah, that’s worse.

and crank your power up to the max, always on, give you some biological imperative to encourage cannibalism, see how long it takes for them to eliminate you if they can’t see or hear you…”

So she wanted to turn him into an actual grue.

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