Of course, he couldn’t not deal with Coil.  Taylor wouldn’t stick around if they didn’t, for one thing, and he knew that the little girl deserved to be rescued.

She does, but let’s note that while he does think this, this makes it sound like he doesn’t care enough to remember her name.

I’m sure he does, it’s just something about the use of “the little girl” in place of it.

I spent three hours in that refrigerator.  Dinah’s spent nearly that many months with Coil.

Ohh. So that’s what brought about this change of heart, besides the reduction in how much he needs to depend on Coil: He can relate to Dinah now.

And though it was nebulous, he feared the future.  He’d spent so many years of his life so sure in what he was doing, how A led to B led to C, that he wasn’t sure what to do now that the possibilities were so open-ended.

Let’s add Dinah to the list of people Brian should talk to.

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