She didn’t seem to notice.  It was like they were two different people in two very different scenes.  She had her mask in one hand, her black scarf loosely piled around her neck.

I’m not sure whether or not she noticed. Aisha is sharper than one might guess, but she’s not that great with nuanced communication, I think.

Nowhere near Rachel’s levels of “not that great”, of course. I’m talking more in terms of regular personal skills.

For a half second, he could see Bonesaw standing there instead, about the same height, dress, bloodstained apron glittering with tools and wide eyes darting about, taking in everything in her surroundings as if there was inspiration or tools to be found anywhere.


This… reminds me of Carol, a few chapters back. Both of them find themselves reminded of the person responsible for a trigger event by a family member’s appearance.

He blinked, hard, and that fleeting image slipped away.  It wasn’t the same.  Aisha’s investigation of the area was casual, comfortable and idle, surveying his room.  At the top floor of the headquarters he shared with her, his room had a punching bag, weight bench and sink in one corner, a bed and a stand for his costume in the opposite corner, and a television placed where he could watch it anywhere in the room.  Not that there was much available in the way of channels.

So the TV is in a third corner, then, or other furniture is placed in such a way that he can’t normally get into its blind zone.

And yeah, I suppose after the Shattering, only the satellite TV channels would work.

“You’re back,” he grunted.  “Didn’t tell me you were going.”

“You mean I didn’t ask permission.  No.  I totally wanted to hang around here with you wound as tight as a new clock.”

Wait. Is she back from something else or did they not tell Brian about the outing to deal with the Chosen at all?

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