“We’ve got lots of kids running around.  It’s kind of nice, but hard.  It’s like they’re totally unrestrained, so when they’re happy, they’re ecstatic, and when they’re unhappy they’re miserable, you know?”

That’s kids, yeah.

“I haven’t spent a lot of time around kids.  Only Aisha, when I was younger, and I think she might have been a special case.”

How so? Because she’s your sister?

“She’s really coming into her own, getting comfortable with her powers, figuring out where she needs to be and when.  Can’t be easy, when the rest of us don’t know where she is half the time.” 


Yeah, and with Brian always looking over her shoulder. Or trying to.

“Did she put herself in any danger?”

Taylor started frying up the chicken.  “Yes and no.  She took down Night, but Night wasn’t able to use her power, had no idea she was there.  She was safe.”

Pretty much, yeah!

Took down Night.  Aisha?

That bothered him, and he couldn’t say why.

Perhaps because your little, innocent sister isn’t quite so little and innocent anymore? Because you’ve been trying to protect her so much that you didn’t realize how capable she is at protecting herself? Because if you don’t need to protect her anymore, what are you good for?

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