He didn’t reply.

Instead, he looked at Taylor.  She wasn’t conventionally attractive, he had to admit.  Her mouth was wide for her face, her ears large enough that they stuck out of the mess of black curls that draped over her shoulders.

I think this is the first time we’ve gotten an outside perspective on what she actually looks like as Taylor Hebert.

Wide mouth, large ears… I didn’t realize Taylor was a goblin.

And her shoulders: narrow, bony, deceptively delicate in appearance.  She somehow managed to be self-conscious and yet unaware of the way she held herself.

Narrow, bony shoulders… goblin theory still checks out.

The seeming fragility of her body was accented by the angles she seemed to settle into when she rested: her wrist bent at a right angle as she picked at one of her cuticles with her thumbnail, her leg raised so her right foot could rest flat against the cabinet, her shoulders tilted forward a fraction.

The neat thing here is that we’re not just getting an outside perspective on Taylor’s appearance. We’re getting it from someone with a certain attraction to her, someone who’ll notice all these little things.

It was as if her skin didn’t fit and she couldn’t stretch both arms or both legs out to their full lengths at the same time.

“It was like she was supposed to have more limbs, and wings, and a few more eyes too.”

It wasn’t so dramatic that he’d notice if he wasn’t already paying attention, but it was a quirk he could note as he studied her.  It made him think of a bird, or one of her insects, but… he didn’t feel he was being unflattering by thinking it.

I’m not at all surprised to see her being physically compared to the insects. The people reflect their powers and their powers reflect them.

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