“I sure hope that’s you,” he said.  “Because I’m talking to myself too much already.”


The moth flew in a lazy circle in front of him.

So whether this is Taylor’s doing or not, the moth definitely represents her. A comforting touch on his arm, keeping him company through the pain.

“Right.  Meet you at the door,” he said.

Has Taylor been practicing listening through the bugs lately?

That’d be very good for spying.

He hesitated, then put the mask back on the stand.

A few minutes passed as he waited.  He found himself debating whether he’d misunderstood the moth’s movements as something they weren’t.

Who knows.

I kinda doubt he’s going to find himself at the door with no one there, just because we kinda need a new input for Brian to react to here. Something for the chapter to continue with besides idle thoughts.

I remember when I didn’t have these doubts about what I was doing.

I suppose the fact that it was his decision that landed him in Bonesaw’s clutches doesn’t help with the hit it dealt to his confidence.

She wasn’t in costume.  It was odd, seeing her approach from a distance, observing her uninterrupted over a longer span of time.

This is probably going to be good. Observing Taylor from an outside perspective is generally interesting, and Brian has a very different outside perspective on her than, say, Sierra or any of their opponents.

She conveyed an eerie kind of confidence that he knew she didn’t have at her core.  Some of that was how she unflinchingly looked forward.  She didn’t react as the wind blew her hair across her face, didn’t turn to look around the street as she crossed an intersection.

She seems… determined.

What’s up, Taylor?

Also, Danny would absolutely raise her to diligently check each side before crossing, even if she is going through a… rebellious phase. I wonder if part of why she doesn’t do that now is because she has bugs that can check for her?

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