Rambling aside, she looked more at ease than he’d ever seen someone in his darkness.  She was blind, deaf, and she leaned against the counter, staring off into space as she talked.  Even the talking, it caught him off guard.  Being blind, unable to see the reactions of the person you were talking to, not getting any feedback, most people would struggle more, much for the same reasons they found it awkward to speak to an answering machine.

Is there a particular reason you need to leave her in the dark? Does the darkness have to cover the head in particular for this to work? Where the passenger is?

“I don’t know if that makes sense, but I usually try reaching out to these guys when things get bad.  In retrospect, it kind of centers me.”

I’ve been suggesting since Arc 4 that part of why she got this power was because she was reaching out with her mind.

This feels relevant.

“I wish I could find the same comfort in my power,” Brian murmured.

If she can make out what he said using her moth, I’ll be quite impressed with her progress, but she can probably tell that he said something at least.

“Did you say something?  I think I just felt some vibrations in the air, but it’s hard to tell with your power out there.”


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