`Taylor’s power has a minimum size limit on how small a bug can be and still be sensed/controlled. Popular fanon is that it’s a nerf because skin mites would be too useful to Taylor’s power if it worked on them.

Fair enough. Though that nerf sounds Doylist in nature, unless there’s something in-universe that concerns itself with keeping the powers balanced. Which does not seem to be the case.

As we saw in 13.9 the passengers personalizes the basic power, so the scope of Taylor’s power likely depends on the common and her personal definition of “bugs”. We don’t include skin mites but spiders and crabs, so she got to control the latter and not the former. We saw her sensing heart worms in Rachel’s dogs, so being inside a body should not diminish her control. Also her not sensing body shape’s automatically seems better from a doylist view, as her life would be somewhat easier with it 🙂

I don’t think Taylor considers crabs bugs, though, judging by 3.1. I don’t think most people do, either? They’re arthropods (which is a connection it took me way too long to make), but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them referred to as bugs.

But still, you’ve got some good points here. Especially the heart worms.

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