Aisha wheeled around, not appearing even half as guilty as she should have.

“I asked Coil’s lieutenant for some.  He asked me how many gallons I wanted.  How weird is that?  I mean, seriously, who needs gallons of blood?  Or maybe I could use it.  Paint someone’s house, see if I can’t freak them out hardcore,” Aisha smiled wickedly.


So where do Coil’s people get it? Their enemies? Do they just buy it from a slaughterhouse (a regular slaughterhouse, not the Nine)?

I do suppose gallons of blood could be useful if you want to fake a massacre crime scene with the corpses gone.

“Ignore that question.  What were you saying to Taylor, about not giving her a note?”

“It’s fine,” I told him.  “She’s being protective of her big brother.”

I don’t think Brian has ever really seen that before his Interlude. Sure, it’s probably happened, but he may not have realized what was going on beneath Aisha’s surface.

It probably raises a lot of thoughts about how he’s supposed to be the protector.

Aisha plastered a fake smile on her face.

“I didn’t know you cared,” Brian told Aisha, with a touch of sarcasm.  “I’m dropping this only because Taylor’s sticking up for you.”

Sure, there’s a touch of sarcasm, but I think there’s some genuineness in this too.

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