Even if I looked at how powers elevated us, though, I had to admit we weren’t raised to the same level.  We weren’t all raised up together.  If anything, the powers drove us apart: our trigger events, our reasons for wanting to use our powers, the agendas and missions we took upon ourselves, and even how those powers made us think and operate in different ways…

I still feel like “different” is a much better term here. It makes you different, but not different together, because you become different from each other too.

they put barriers between ourselves and others.  I just had to think of Panacea or Bitch, and I had some damn good examples of that.


I couldn’t think of two capes who were in a committed relationship where there wasn’t some degree of fucked-up-ness.

Ohh, is that where we’re going with this? Reflecting on the fucked-up-ness of Taylor’s new relationship with Brian, and perhaps wondering whether it’d be better if neither of them had powers?

(I’m sure there are plenty of powerless AUs on the fanfiction scene.)

Night and Fog were, if I’d understood Tattletale right, essentially functional sociopaths.  They’d acted out the role of a married couple with none of the affection or fondness.  Victor and Othala were screwed up in a different way, burdened by a shared event in their past.  Brandish and Flashbang?  If their kids were any indication… yeah.  Fucked up.

That’s an unfair assumption, but… yeah. Judging by some of the things Carol said in her Interlude, it seems like she cares about Mark a bit in spite of her trust issues, but still feels like the kids were the only thing keeping them together.

But how much of this is really related to the powers? Brandish’s trust issues could’ve arisen from her trigger event even if it hadn’t given her powers (if she’d survived it in that case). Victor and Othala are victims of “noble house”-style politics, and otherwise seem like one of the healthiest romantic relationships we’ve seen. I don’t know enough about Night and Fog to tell if their behavior has anything to do with their powers (in-universe, that is; from a Doylist point of view it’s pretty obviously because they’re a monster and a toxic individual, respectively), but I don’t know that Taylor does either.

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