I couldn’t see Brian’s face without raising my head, and I didn’t want to do that and risk waking him.  I’d left my glasses on the table with the knife and gun, so I couldn’t see that well anyways.  I settled for studying the fabric of his sleeveless shirt, the nubs of lint, the weave of the textile, and how it shifted with the slow, deep and rhythmic breaths he was taking.  I could smell his sweat, with the faint traces of his deodorant beneath.

The Taylor focuses on the fabric. Heh.

…concept: Skitter version of “Art of the Dress”, with references to the other Undersiders’ new outfits (the number of characters even fits) and to using spiders instead of some of the actual dressmaking terms.

It was funny, because when we’d settled in, I hadn’t been able to smell anything.

…oh shit, guys!

What if Brian is the Scentless Man?? 😮

Such a twist!

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