Mostly at peace.  I had to pee, and yet I didn’t want to move and disturb him.

Oh my cod that’s relatable. Well, if you substitute a cat for Brian.

Nothing was easy, it seemed.

My body won out over my willpower, and I decided to extricate myself.  I didn’t even try to get to my feet, instead easing myself down to the ground as I unwrapped myself from Brian as slowly as I could.

It’s not gonna work, is it?

At least it seems she was on the outer side of the couch. This would be much more difficult if she were on the inner side.

Once I’d disentangled myself from Brian and the couch, I grabbed my glasses, knife, cellphone and gun and rushed to the washroom.

Alright, it seems she succeeded for now. I’m betting he’s awake when she comes back, though.

The cell phone rang while I was on the toilet.  Tattletale.  For Brian’s sake and my own sense of decency, I refused the call and texted her instead:

Is it ever not Tattletale?

What’s up?

She replied soon after:

R is done.  Bird in the pen 4 now.  C wants a meeting neways.  Get G I and come 4 11am?

The fact that these teens haven’t had the chance to live with smartphone keyboards yet is pretty clear in their text message writing sometimes. I mean, look at this. She even used “ne” in place of “any” to save two clicks.

Taylor is a bit like I was, though. The type to spend the extra time painstakingly typing out everything.

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