“And they’re powerful enough that they’d really only need to get lucky once,” Brian said.  I saw his expression darken.  He was staring off into space.

Yep. Powerhouses with really high crit damage.

“Sorry,” I said.  Impulsively, I leaned closer, so my arm and shoulder pressed against his arm.


“If you want to talk about something else-“

“I want to make sure we come out of this alive.”

This is a good little somber moment.

“But it’s stressing you out.”

“I’ll manage,” he answered, putting one arm around my shoulders and hugging me close.

But he didn’t raise the subject again.  Aisha got out of the shower, he took the next turn, ostensibly to clean up after her.

It’s not just the fluffy moments that help to sell a relationship. This moment, the way Taylor recognizes Brian’s feelings and addresses them like this, including with physical comfort, helps too. It’s something that could happen between them as just friends, sure, but in the context of them being in a relationship, it makes the whole thing more believable. These moments where it shows how much they care for each other.

Come to think of it, that goes for last chapter too. I may have reacted to it with a “shippers squeeing” reaction image, but it was not the kiss that sold it. The kiss was a neat bonus that helped make it more… official, but it wasn’t the main attraction. It was the caring, both ways.

I took the brief period of quiet to get my stuff in order.  I’d worn my costume under my clothes, the top and dress portion  bound around my waist, beneath the sweatshirt.

Called it. Kinda.

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