Had to take what I could get.  Last night, cuddling?  It had been nice.  Really nice.

All in all, we were ready to move out well ahead of time.

These paragraphs feel a little disconnected (understandably so since the former is the end of a tangent and we’re going back to the main narrative with the latter), because when I do read them as connected to each other one it sounds like Brian and Taylor are now looking to move out of their bases and find a house to make a home together. :p

I wracked my brain, trying to think of things to say.  Everything social or romantic seemed forced or awkward, especially with Imp there.  Everything related to our costumed selves seemed too delicate, fraught with reminders for Brian.

That’s a bit of a problem since it seems like everything about your shared life has revolved around your costumed selves since at least Extermination.

Each time I entered Coil’s headquarters, it seemed like it had transformed.  On our first visit it had been a bare bones setup with piles upon piles of crates, and soldiers congregating wherever there was room.  Our last visit had seen some organization.  Now it had finally taken form.

Great. Time to tear it to pieces, right?

This could be read as a metaphor for the gradual build-up of Coil as an antagonist.

The interior was divided into two levels.  The lower level sported a cafeteria, a bar, a small computer lab and bunk beds for the soldiers on standby.  Doorways leading to what I suspected were washrooms.  I knew that Coil had squads positioned across the city by now, in quarters not unlike the lairs he had assigned us, if a little more austere.  Anyone who stayed here had the bare necessities.

Sounds kinda nice.

There was an area with more of a focus on the actual ‘war’ part of soldiering, with men at the ready to hand out the guns and ammunition that were tidily arranged on racks and shelves, a massive laundry room that appeared to be devoted to washing and preparing the uniforms and two more stations for heavier gear and more esoteric stuff like walkie-talkies and explosives.

It seems like they’re gearing up. With stations across the city, Coil’s people can crawl out of the woodwork, armed, at a moment’s notice, if he should need it.

Perfect for a violent takeover if the peaceful takeover should fail.

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