“The mayor and several members of the city council will be traveling to Washington to discuss the state of Brockton Bay and the possibility of condemning the city.  Skitter, Imp, Genesis, I would like you to visit him and ensure he argues towards our ends.  Brockton Bay will stand, and it will recover.”

Ahh. Intimidation, that’s where it lies. The swarm, the monster and the, uh, Karkat. Not gonna lie, Trickster is the odd one out here. Maybe he’s there to teleport the others in? Except neither Genesis nor Skitter actually need to be in a room with their real bodies to intimidate someone. They’re actually better at it if they’re not really there.

*reads a little closer* Wait, Imp too? Alright, sure. She’s good at freaking people out, as we’ve just established.

Maybe Trickster has a separate task?

I nodded slowly.  “Sure.  I think I can do that and still help Ballistic with Parian.”

“I haven’t asked for your help,” Ballistic said.

…fair enough, he didn’t get the chance to answer earlier. Bit rude, though.

“Coil’s call,” I responded.

“If Skitter feels she can spare the time, I would be glad to have the extra assurance the job will get done.”

Did he just split the timeline to see whether sending Skitter was a good call? Except this seems like a minor decision to use that on relative to the time it takes before he gets the results.

Ballistic folded his arms.  Didn’t look happy at that.

I guess he prefers working alone??

Not gonna lie, Ballistic feels different from the last time we had any extended quality time with him.

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