The “Wildbow’s name” ask is wrong. Wildbow calls himself that because of a glitch in an old game where “Wild Boar” was listed as “WildBow” in the game. He just stuck with it.

I think the other asker’s point was less “why Wildbow goes by Wildbow” and more “why Wildbow doesn’t go by John McCrae”.

But I very much appreciate hearing this side of it too. Video games are a good source of names…

Did you guys know that the “well” in “Krixwell” comes from the default name for the main character of Scribblenauts, “Maxwell”? I had been using “Krix” (which is just the first three letters of my meatspace name plus an X) in some emulator games, and then when I played Super Scribblenauts, I decided to make a portmanteau when naming my character. It felt more complete, so it stuck. And these days people call me “Krix” as a natural shortening of “Krixwell”, usually without knowing that the name was originally just that part.

(Oh, and I have a friend on Discord who’s actually named Maxwell. Naturally, there’s been some joke shipping of us because of the names.)

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