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[Welcome to Krixwell Liveblogs!

This is a blog dedicated to sharing my reactions and thoughts while experiencing pre-existing media. I started liveblogging in January 2017, beginning with the web serial Worm by Wildbow.

The blog began on Tumblr, and was mirrored to WordPress starting from December 2018 (the time of writing). As such, posts up until Interlude 15c of Worm may show traces of being written with Tumblr in mind. The blogging of each chapter was segmented, each post covering a few paragraphs; here, I’ll be using break lines to mark the original post boundaries.

An important feature native to Tumblr is asks. On Tumblr, this is a way of sending short messages to people. To avoid spoilers, I have an ask screener, who receives the asks, filters out spoilery ones, and then sends them to me between chapters. For the time being, this system will stay in place using Tumblr.

I will not be reading your comments, so if you want to say something to me, please use the “Ask” link in the menu.

One last thing I feel I should note before we move on to the liveblog itself: I’m a chronic reference dropper, so this liveblog contains a number of (normally minor and/or vague) spoilers for various other works. You have been warned.

(P.S.: The silly titles the chapters are given in the post headers were and will be made up by me for the sake of my blog’s table of contents, since Worm’s chapters don’t have official titles beyond the Arc titles and chapter numbers.)

All of that having been said… Enjoy!]


I’m @krixwell; Norwegian nerd, shitposter and now, apparently, liveblogger – because on a whim, I’ve decided I’m going to try my hand at liveblogging the web serial Worm.

I’m not a stranger to the ways of liveblogging. I’ve liveblogged a little in the past, including some of the very latest Homestuck updates, Earthbound (incomplete) and a couple agonizing hours of Episode. Choose Your Adventure (grooan), as well as talking about some games/fics/series in group chats while consuming them (”livechatting”, I guess). I also know several livebloggers, follow many more, and act as the ask screener for one of them.

I also want to preface this with a disclaimer: I’m not all that good at keeping my projects alive. It’s quite possible that this blog is going to go silent from time to time, or die completely. All we can do is see what happens.

Finally, here’s what I know about Worm going in:
1. It’s a web serial that ran from June 2011 to November 2013.
2. It’s frequently recommended to existing livebloggers as future liveblog material. This is one of the reasons I’m doing this – there’s got to be a reason it’s so frequently recommended.
3. “It’s really good (IMHO), but it’s still a first draft, and it’s really dark-toned.”
4. “But don’t worry, the story shifts from the hellish landscape of high school to the more uplifting bombed-out city fairly quickly.”
5. It contains a fair amount of potentially triggering material.

And that’s it. I guess it’s time to do this thing!

Gestation 1.1: Off on the Wrong Foot

[Note from Future Krixwell: For a long time, I’ve wanted to add a disclaimer before this chapter – please bear with past me’s negativity in this chapter. I got off on the wrong foot, judged the story too harshly on things that were heavily affected by the change of pacing brought on by liveblogging, and generally was a lot less receptive than I should’ve been. I swear I get a lot better about it in 1.2 and beyond.]

Source material: Worm, Gestation 1.1

Originally blogged: January 19, 2017.

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Between 1.3-1.4

Hi Krixwell, First thank you for this – live blogging this story is like watching the best unboxing ever; you do it justice with your freeform thoughts, comments, humor as you procees. It is so enjoyable. I want to make sure you know this – chapter 1 of this story was (I think?) the first chapter Wildbow ever published, this amazing story is his initial foray in to writing a “published” work. It is so good, as you have noted the writing gets better quickly, this trend continues.

Oh wow, it’s a very good start then. Like, the writing in 1.1 was already rather good (even if I was a bit unfair on it because I got off on the wrong foot with Taylor at first), and since then it’s been improving. While I don’t consider it… amazing quite yet, I can see how it could get to that point if it keeps up this rate of improvement.