And apparently she’s not the only one who has it, either. Let’s not forget that tidbit.” I missed that tidbit.

It’s heavily implied by one of Shatterbird’s lines in her/Hookwolf’s Interlude:

“Guess the men who bought my power should ask for a refund.”

By the sound of it, she’s either sold her power, most likely via Cauldron, or she bought the power from them herself. In the latter case, it’d be odd that she suggested other buyers should ask for a refund and not she herself, so I’m leaning towards the former.

Ra: What makes it magic? It was a lately discovered, and fit a lot of the definitions of fantasy magic. To quote the main character: “-magic is the worst-named field of science in the world. It was a lousy, stupid nickname for some genuinely new physics, and it stuck, and now everybody hates the man who coined it. Including himself. Magic isn’t magic. It is a field of science.”. I’d also say that Ra is much *much* more sci-fi then fantasy.

Oh, and qntm (the author) is currently rewriting the ending of Ra.

Niice. I like that it’s addressed like this.

Susan and Victoria could bond over their shared hobby: hitting people who anger them very hard with large blunt objects. (Not to mention, depending on the point in the timeline, the parallels with Ellen re: cute girl with an aura that may or may not make you bisexual …)

Hah, nice!

We don’t know anything about Iceland or New Orleans, but I can confirm (thanks to a single offhand reference later in the story) that Hawaii did get hit by Behemoth at some point in the probably-somewhat-recent past, though we don’t know the exact date. (Not quite sure where the spoiler line is, sorry if this crosses it.)

I’ve now made clear to Sharks that I would prefer not to know about info from future offhand references in advance. No worries, though, this is a fairly minor one as far as I can tell.

Honestly, though, spoiler or no spoiler, learning right now that Hawaii was indeed hit by what I’m 95% sure is the volcano Endbringer is quite appropriate.

Pretty sure it was Slartibartfast who carved the coastlines of Norway, thank you very much. Though that’s not discounting the possibility that Andrew Hussie is a secret mouse.

“Maybe he carved away a bunch of the Norwegian coastline with a spoon.” And he managed to do it without disturbing those lovely crinkly edges that won an award for Slartibartfast.

Ahaha, that’s a good point!

Honestly, Andrew Hussie secretly being Slartibartfast isn’t all that far-fetched.

So what happened to doing the asks on Tuesday?

A communication mishap caused me to get the asks a bit later than intended, too late to start answering them. I should’ve said something, sorry.

Menja, Ginormica, Mt. Lady and Opal. Giant woman free-for-all battle. Who would win?

I think my money is on Opal, since she has a bunch of other powers and a seriously powerful bow, with Menja in second (a.k.a. the winner if the extra powers disqualify Opal) because her power also reduces the effective size of incoming attacks, making her even more defended than your average giant woman.