Between 7.2-7.3


The Fish Formerly Known as Shark:
Also, Krix, for future reference: Wildbow has two other non-Worm related books (Twig and Pact), one book coming up really soon (the sequel) and a bunch of other mini-book-attempts, most of which relate to Worm.
And a couple Quests, like the PRT Quest, which is [SPOILER.]

Krixsterical Shrieks:
To be clear, “the sequel” would be to Worm?

The Fish Formerly Known as Shark:
Yeah, Worm 2: Greggin’ It.

Alex Prior:

Krixsterical Shrieks:
A sequel strikes me as a natural next thing to liveblog when (if) I finish liveblogging Worm in… however many years that’ll take.