End of Interlude 13

Well, that was interesting. Certainly less PR-focused than I was expecting.

We got some insight into what makes Jirector Jemily Piggot tick, though her apparent distaste for parahumans ultimately stayed more implicit than I thought it would.

Siberian is likely in the spotlight next Arc, I think, given her importance in the Case 01 scene. It was neat to see a bit of the original four-person Protectorate in action, and hear Alexandria speak. I think I’ll like her if she gets to speak in the future.

We learned about Legend’s orientation, which I had been spoiled about, and more importantly the fact that he’s happily married or partnered and has adopted a son! Regardless of the genders involved, this is so far the purest ship we’ve had since the needle gals. 🙂

Skitter’s message arrived, but she might’ve been unlucky with who made the plan for the attack she invited them into making. Piggot turned scary at the very end with her plan to cluster Bakuda bomb the villains of Brockton Bay when they come to help against the Nine. Holy fuck, Piggot.

Next up… I don’t actually know if there’s another Interlude here, or if it’s Arc Thoughts. Hang on, people who don’t actually need to hang on because I’m posting this and the next paragraph together.

Fuck, I tried to check the link of the next chapter for the word “Interlude” without looking at it and almost succeeded. I should’ve gone for my original plan of asking Sharks or LHC (since Sharks seems to have gone to bed) after all. But I didn’t, and now I know the title of the next Arc, unless it’s been changed like seemed to be the case with Sentinel.

Prey. A title that could refer to a lot of people right now.

I’ll have to speculate more on that in the Arc Thoughts post tomorrow. Honestly, I’ve thought about moving the Arc title speculation to those posts anyway.

Oh yeah, Arc Thoughts tomorrow.

This post is breaking down fast. So yeah, see you soon for that!

“This breaks the unspoken rules between capes.  And the truce against the Nine.  I don’t like this.”

Yeah, this would be a major dick move.

It’s a world gone mad.  Do I have to join the madmen to make a difference?

Isn’t that kind of what you’ve already done, if by madmen you mean the parahumans?

“Don’t worry.  I’m the one who’s going to push the button,” Piggot answered.  “And I’m not a cape.”

You’re still representing the capes. The Protectorate, the Wards, the PRT. The protectors. The fucking government. What do you think the public will think of the heroes of Brockton Bay if they learn that their organization is willing to do something like this?

…and that’s the end of the chapter. Well then.

What Piggot is suggesting is that they dump a ton of very likely lethal blasts of many different powers on any and all villains who show up, including a bunch of kids who are barely even villains compared to the other fuckers.

Talk about not holding back.

She watched everyone file out.  Legend stayed behind.


“You’re not saying everything,” he murmured.


Does Legend know about Chariot?

“Fill me in?”

“Some of that is to mislead the spy in our midst.  We have a follow-up measure.”

“Does it pose a risk to this team?”

A follow-up measure? To deal with Coil messing with things, or maybe just to see how he reacts?

“It does.  Unavoidable.  I suspect Coil will inform Hookwolf and encourage the Chosen, the Pure and even Faultline’s group to act.  Tattletale, I suspect, will know something’s going on, and I intend to leak enough information to pique her curiosity.

But why would Coil do that? To stab the Protectorate in the back?

The Undersiders and the Travelers wouldn’t, not while cooperating with them, but Coil absolutely would.

It’s in the moment that the villains enter the situation that the risk to our capes occurs.”



“But we have a store of equipment we confiscated from Bakuda when we raided her laboratory.

I jokingly brought this up very recently in relation to the Protectorate stepping into a fight between the Undertravelers and the Nine, in my Worm/SU crossover crackfic.

If me dragging that old nitpick back up and making the entire “plot” of the fic a weird consequence of the Protectorate using Bakuda’s equipment didn’t tip you off, I still don’t think it’s a good idea. 😛

Miss Militia deployed a number against Leviathan, but we have more.  Once the other factions have engaged, we bombard the area with the remainder in a second strike.  Our research suggests that several of these explosives can bypass the Manton effect.”

…holy fuck.

“You’re sure?”

“It’s what the doctors say.”  Clockblocker said.


But the doctors aren’t Siberian.

I should hope.

“And Crawler?” Legend asked.

Piggot spoke, “Legend, Ursa Aurora, Prism, Weld, Assault and Battery will occupy him until we can contain him.  He’s still vulnerable to physics.

Knock him over and stop him from getting up?

Also, are you sure? He acts so catlike, I almost wouldn’t be surprised if physics are merely a suggestion he likes to follow. :3

I’m hoping the white phosphorous explosive will keep him in the area long enough for us to put measures in place.  As I said, we can’t afford to do this halfway.  If they get cornered, or if they think they’ll lose, we run the risk they’ll lash out.”

This seems like a fairly solid plan, but there’s no way it’s going to go perfectly. I don’t think the Protectorate are going to clean the board for the Undertravelers that easily.

She glanced around the room at the fourteen parahumans present.

“We carry this out this evening, before any of our opponents catch on to our intentions and complicate matters with their own agendas.  That will be all.  Prepare.  See to your suits in the lab.”

She said this for Coil, didn’t she.

“Unless she’s able to walk through that,” Weld spoke.

People have been trying to figure that out for a while.

“It’s inviolable,” Clockblocker said, leaning back in his chair.  “I’d sooner expect her to fold the universe in half.”

*glances at Vista*

Yeah, it’s inviolable, but does it stop the unstoppable or does the unstoppable violate the inviolable?

I’m inclined to think the former, though, because Clockblocker makes it so time doesn’t pass for the thing or person he pauses. Things can’t move when time doesn’t pass for them–

Wait, no, that’s not strictly true. Time doesn’t pass for light (light speed causes division by zero in the equation that, among other things, determines the amount of time that passes for something at a given speed in comparison to an observer), and that moves. Not from its own perspective, but from an observer’s.

But the way things have been portrayed in Worm, so far, it does seem like “things can’t move when time doesn’t pass for them” holds true.

“And if Siberian does protect her allies?” Weld asked.

“Flechette will see if her enhanced shots can beat Siberian’s invulnerability.  Failing that, Clockblocker contains the woman.

But I thought– oh! Right, he might not be able to stop her, but he can make immovable obstacles. Then we’ll really get an answer to the famous thought experiment.

His power won’t work on her, but we can cage her in thread or chains that he can then freeze.  If we can do the same with Jack and Bonesaw, we can starve them out, or wait until they let go of Siberian.

Oh man, the thread/chains make it even better, since she wouldn’t have the opportunity for a running start.

If you’re prepared, Clockblocker?  We can support you with relief teams.”

“If it means stopping them, I’m down.”

We’re counting on you, pal. Don’t die on us.

“But we are breaking the deal.  Even if Legend’s team doesn’t get involved-” Miss Militia started.

Hmm. How exactly? I mean, in the hypothetical of Legend’s team not getting involved.

“The incendiary deployments will serve three purposes.  They’ll forestall any biological attacks Bonesaw attempts, they’ll force Siberian to stay put to protect her allies and they’ll kill Jack or Bonesaw if she isn’t able.


Humans aren’t biologically programmed to look up, and whatever else Siberian is, she’s still human at her core.”

That is a good point. We don’t have reason to look up very often, so we haven’t evolved the habit of it.