The screener blog link on krix’s tumblr still links to the old screener blog. The ask away button works fine. Just thought you should know

This confused me a bit until I realized you were talking about the link in the blog description, which I had completely forgotten about. Should be fixed now. Thanks!

Hi, everyone! Krixwell’s screener here. I just want to say that I’m really, terribly sorry for fucking up so badly. Unfortunately, it isn’t looking like we’ll get the other account back, so here’s the new one! I’d again like to say how sorry I am for making such a stupid mistake, and I’ll strive to […]

Also: If you’ve got asks to send in, you might want to hold on to them a bit. Due to technical issues, Sharks can’t currently access the screener blog, and we might have to make a new one instead, in which case any asks sent in since my last ask session will be lost. I’m sorry about the inconvenience and any asks you’ve sent that might not make it to me.